Top Apple Laptops and Desktops You Can Buy

MacBook and Mac desktop
MacBook and Mac desktop

MacBook and Mac offer cutting-edge design that may not be probably offered by other laptop brands. MacBook offers stylish and elegant design that Windows device may not offer. Talking about the performance, both Apple laptop and desktop computer also cannot be underestimated.

Apple integrates the hardware and software. No doubt, it has a perfect user experience that Chromebook and Windows laptops cannot give. Nowadays, it offers the latest version of operating system MacOS 11 Big Sur.

If you want to experience user-friendly OS with powerful performance and stunning design of laptops, here are some top MacBook and Macs you can pick.

  • MacBook Pro.

Apple has stop producing 15-inch MacBook Pro. Now, you must be happy since Apple releases 16-inch Macbook Pro. The design of this laptop is very sleek and light. It also offers new keyboard that comfortable to use. the speakers offered are also amazing. This MacBook is just perfect for designers and content creators.

  • iMac

Last year, Apple has updated its iMac. But, this year, iMac comes with its new upgrade and improvement. For instance, this desktop computer has microphone and webcam update. This PC can be the investment for those who work from home. Even the design looks old, but the power cannot be underestimated.

  • MacBook Pro 13 inch.

For those who need smaller laptop, they can opt to buy MacBook Pro 13 inch. This device has improved specs. It also offers the larger capacity of SSD. The new keyboard is also good too. However, it still uses 8th generation Intel Core i5. you can upgrade it for better performance.

  • MacBook Air.

Apple brings back the lightest and thinnest MacBook. This new laptop offers better performance of processor and keyboard. MacBook Air also comes with more powerful engine and larger storage space.

  • iMac Pro.

This desktop computer is suitable for creatives and professionals. This Mac is the only choice for you. It offers 27 inch 5K display screen completed with P3 wide color gamut. This PC also has the most powerful Apple CPU.

  • MacBook 2017.

Looking for smaller MacBook? MacBook 2017 can be your choice. It only has 12 inch screen with Retina IPS. Without a doubt, this laptop is incredibly portable. It also offers long battery life. This laptop can support everything with its Thunderbolt 3 port. Even it is not as strong as MacBook Pro, it is still worth to buy for those who are searching portable MacBook.

That’s all some recommendation Apple laptops and desktop computer. Some of models above are suitable laptops for kids such as MacBook 2017 and MacBook Air.

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