Recommended VR Laptops to Explore Virtual World

the best VR laptop
the best VR laptop

To experience a virtual reality, you need to have a VR laptop. This kind of laptop may be cutting edge. The fans of this kind of laptop are still limited. Only the gamers usually search for the best VR laptops or best gaming laptops.

Besides, VR laptops may not be cheap. You need to spend at least $350. But, here we list down several VR laptops that can be your top choice.

  • MSI GS65 Stealth.

This laptop uses Intel Core i7-8750 H with 15,6 inch FHD screen. No doubt, it offers gorgeous display and excellent performance. It also offers great internal thermal management. The design is stunning with sleek and thin chassis. The audio and heat management are also good.

  • Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701.

This gaming laptop offers gorgeous design and brilliant performance. The screen is fantastic with 17.3 inch Full HD IPS panel. It can be said that Zephyrus is the thinnest gaming laptop. But, the weakness of this device is short battery life and expensive price.

  • Razer Blade 2019

Razer Blade offers great gaming performance. You will be able to enjoy favorite VR games with its advance model. The battery power has been improved. But, this device does not have Windows Hello Camera.

  • MSI GT75VR Titan.

This is an incredible laptop for gaming. You can play the best VR games without spending much effort. This laptop is not portable enough to bring whenever you go. But, if you search for VR laptop for your desk, this model can be the wise choice.

  • Alienware 17 R5.

This laptop uses Intel Core 17-8750H with 17,3 inch QHD screen. No doubt, it offers amazing graphic. It also has great battery life.

  • Origin EON17-SLX.

This laptop has 64GB RAM and uses Intel Core i5-6700K as the processor.  The weakness of this device is on the battery life. It only can be used less than 2 hours without you plug it in. Besides, the design is also bulky with 10.5 weight.

  • Aorus X9.

The graphical performance of this device is unbeatable. It also offers calibrated Pantone-certified display. When you play a game, usually your laptop can be so hot. But, this device has impressive cooling system. The design is also stylish its slim body. The performance is also great to be used to play hardcore game without blinking.

Most VR laptops use Windows as their operating system. But, if you like using Apple laptops or desktop computer, you can try MacBook or iMac.

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