Recommended Laptops for Kids in Elementary School

Google PixelBook for kids
Google PixelBook for kids

If you want to prepare your children for tech-filled future, you need to provide them a suitable laptop. Perhaps, parents are tempted to choose the cheapest laptop for their children. But, you should not ignore the laptop quality.

You need to purchase kid-friendly laptop that can offer great quality of device. You should not that something cheap may be broken in a few weeks after usage. So, you have to consider several factors before choosing the right laptop for kids or teens.

First, the laptop must have a quality build. Your kids may throw it so it must be able to survive. Children may drop the laptop so, it must be powerful enough. Laptops for kids must offer some entertainment. So, it not only helps the kids and students to finish their task but also for playing some games or watch some videos.

Battery life is another consideration. Children may not charge it regularly. So, the laptop must have incredible battery life so it can be used for full day school without plugging it. Besides, security features are also important. This way, the parents can control the children when they go online. Here are the best laptops for kids.

  • Google PixelBook Go

The best laptop for children must be simple to use and secure. Google PixelBook offers these features. It also has outstanding power of battery and uses Chrome OS. The webcam and keyboard are also incredible. This laptop not only suits for your kids but also for your working need.

  • Acer ChromeBook 15.

This laptop is suitable for teens. It can support your children’s project. It offers great features such as USB 3.0 connection, HDR webcame, and full HD display. Not to mention, this laptop can cover your children’s need for computing experience.

  • Microsoft Surface Go 2.

If you are searching for premium laptop with affordable price, this laptop is the answer. It uses 8th Gen Intel Core m3. This device uses Windows 10 as the operating system so it supports various applications outside there.

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Duet ChromeBook.

This device can serve as a tablet and a Chromebook. As implied by its name, Lenovo brings two devices in one. This device uses Chrome OS and the battery can survive up to 22 hours. But, the keyboard is small and the trackpad is also not reliable. But, if you are on budget, this Chromebook can be your priority.

When you provide a laptop for your kids, you can change its wallpaper to make your kids more interested in using the device. When you use Chromebook, you can download wallpapers for Chromebook to make the screen stand out.

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