Recommended Budget Laptops You Can Buy Under $500

best budget laptop
best budget laptop

It does not matter when you want to purchase a high quality laptop when you are on budget. Several laptop manufacturers offer their products in affordable price. Even you can buy them by spending not more than $500, you still can have a good laptop with satisfying features and specs.

Spending your budget under $500 to get a laptop is still reasonable. Especially when you do not intend the laptop for certain computer-intensive activity such as video editing or gaming. There are various choices outside there. One tip for you is that purchasing a laptop when Black Friday Sale. This will enable to save more on your budget.

The best laptops on budgets are such as Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook, Microsoft Surface Go, Acer Chromebook 314, HP Chromebook 314, and Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11 2in1. You can select which laptop that suits your need. From the lists above, perhaps, you want to have a Chromebook, 2-in1 laptop, or laptop for kids. Here are we list down the best budget laptops for you.

  • Microsoft Surface Go.

Microsoft offers an affordable laptop. Even the price is reasonable, it can fulfill the computing needs. This laptop also comes in portable and compact design. This laptop can be the best choice when you are looking for Windows laptop under $500. This laptop uses Windows 10 S mode offering proper operating system. This way you can install the mobile version of Adobe Photoshop or even Microsoft Office. This decide can cover your basic computing service such as word processing, video conferencing, sending emails, video streaming, and photo editing.

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook.

If you want to have Chromebook, the model from Lenovo can be on your top choice. The design of this Chromebook is portable and light. It also offers long battery life. The keyboard has a hybrid tablet design. Not to mention, this laptop is ideal for students. It offers traditional laptop and tablet mode.

  • HP Chromebook 14.

Another Chromebook recommendation is HP Chromebook 14. It offers excellent trackpad and keyboard. The performance and battery life are on the average. But, this laptop can be the best choice for those who need a laptop to carry around for working. This laptop is equipped with various ports such as USB 3.0, HDMI-out, and microSD card slot.

  • Acer Chromebook 314.

The product from ACER offers excellent performance and battery life. The screen is also wonderful and reliable. The keyboard is also comfortable to use. This model has balance on the performance, features, battery, and usability.

Most of the laptops listed above are Chromebook. So, it can be said that Chromebook laptops not only offers excellent performance but also affordable.

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